About Shalimar Catering

Shalimar Restaurant has established a standard for authentic Pakistani and Indian food in the San Francisco Bay Area for more than a decade and has become a household name in the Pakistani and Indian community. The number of people being served at any one time in any of the four locations of the restaurant and a host of local and national awards, including best restaurant in San Francisco and a top-50 restaurant in the US, are a testament to the popularity, quality and taste of the food.

The consistent quality and taste day after day for over a decade is an asset un-matched by any other restaurant in its category. A variety of savory recipes from Pakistan and Northern India capture the rich tapestry of culture and culinary traditions of the Indian sub-continent. Every dish is meticulously prepared daily in authentic home-style, using only natural spices, fresh ingredients and only the best of meats available, which include meats from free-range grown poultry and animals.

Shalimar has expanded its operations from serving food in its restaurant locations to catering for all events. Our catering offers the entire range of services, including quality crockery, silverware, linen, chafing dishes and full service, buffet or banquet style, by our trained and courteous staff. We also offer a range of decoration services for your events.

Our catering also offers a food pick-up and delivery services with minimum orders. Customers can also place orders on-line. See the ONLINE ORDERING tab for more information.

Catering Services

Shalimar Catering Services compliment the best quality of food. The professionalism and courtesy of the management and the staff is un-surpassed. We cater for events throughout the San Francisco Bay Area.

Pick-up Service

Pick-up service is available from 532 Jones Street, San Francisco, 94102 or the 3395 Walnut Avenue (India Chatkhara restaurant), Fremont, CA 94538 locations. Customers can order food 24-hours in advance and pick it up at a specified time. Food is hot at the time of pick-up and is packed in foil trays.

Delivery Service

Delivery service is also available from our Jones Street, San Francisco and Walnut Avenue, Fremont locations. Customers can order food 24-hours in advance and have it delivered at a specified time of their choice. Food is delivered hot. The following nominal delivery charges apply:

Minimum order:$300

80 cents per mile each way

For San Francisco area it is $25 dollars plus 80 cents per mile each way

Delivery & Setup Services

Shalimar specializes in catering fully staffed corporate, personal events as well as weddings. We can provide assistance with venue locations, design and full production including décor, event elements, flower arrangements in creative themes. We provide quality china crockery, serving utensils, linen, tablecloths and napkins for nominal charges. Food is served hot and can be setup in a buffet style or can be served by servers in a banquet style. You can pick and choose the services and customize to your needs.

This service includes delivering and setting up the food in buffet or banquet styles.

80 cents per mile each way

For San Francisco area it is $25 dollars plus 80 cents per mile each way

Beyond 5-mile radius - $0.75/mile.

Service charges: $25/hour per server.

Delivery Setup & Stay Services

This service includes delivering the food, setting it up buffet or banquet style and then serving. Also included is a cleanup after the event.

Note: The number of servers you need will depend on the number of guests. The servers can either setup the food and leave or stay to serve the food in a buffet or a banquet styles.

Other Services

Crockery and silverware
Table cloths and napkins
Venue location selection
Event Management & Decorations

On-Site Cooking Service

Shalimar offers an on-site cooking service where cooks prepare food fresh in the traditional cooking utensils like the Tandoor (clay oven) and Tawa (metal skillet). Food is prepared at a location of your choice and to your taste from a selection of fresh meats and vegetables. This premier service adds a special ambience to your catering event and brings out the best in catered food.

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