Shalimar is the only restaurant in the Bay Area specializing in authentic
Indian and Pakistani Food at four (4) locations!

In this age of Globalization, we present to you the most authentic South Asian menu. Tandoori dishes cooked fresh in traditional clay oven. Our World famous "Salans" Curries – a wondrous admixture of exotic spices. Vegetables, Naan Breads, Basmati Rice and delicious desserts.

At Shalimar we believe in doing things the Shalimar Way which means making No Compromises when it comes to Quality. And with food, there’s no better way around than to get it fresh. The extra effort that goes into the preparation of every meal that everyone can enjoy, is the strength of SHALIMAR'S CULINARY PHILOSOPHY.

"No substitutions to fit the local tastes, No Frills or Nuevo Cuisine, but Sensible, Genuine, Tasty, Hearty and Wholesome Food." In each Guest we look forward to "Many Happy Returns"

From the moment you walk in, Shalimar promises you a wonderful experience of simplicity and great taste. So sit back, relax and enjoy the great experience.

At Shalimar, we are all like a big extended family, so we expect our guests to be forgiving with a "pinch of salt", in our shortcomings and generous with a "season to taste" in praise, where due !

Comments or Suggestions?

To contact Shalimar, please use the following e-mail given below: Or to contact by phone: (510)-494-1919.

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