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1. Fresh Salad $2.00
Mixed greens tossed together

2. Raita $1.00
Cucumbers, raisins, cumin seeds, and mint.

3. Chicken Soup $2.00
Everyone’s favourite prepared with
Shalimar spices.

4. Papad $1.00
Two pieces

Traditional clay oven, known best for the exquisite taste it gives to meat and breads. We specialize in North Indian style of barbecuing

5. Tikka Lahori $3.50
The Sultan’s recipe ! Supreme chicken breast cut butterfly style
Or a wholesome leg portion. Lightly marinated in spices and lemon juice.
Breast alone is 50c extra.

6. Murgh Boti Tandoori $6.95
The queen of tandoor. Tender morsels of boneless chicken breast marinated in a blend of vinegar and spices, and gently skewered to bake over charcol.

7. Tandoori Chop $9.95
Favourite lamp chops of Emperor Jahangir, marinated in a blend of wonderful spices and barbecued in the fiery tandoor. Chef’s recommendation.

8. Tandoori Boti ( Beef ) $6.95
Tender bites of boneless beef marinated and brought to delicious perfection in the tandoor.
Served with gentle basting of warm butter.

9. Seekh Kabab Mughlai $2.00
Ground beef blended with rare selection of delicious herbs and spices. Barbecued on a skewer and charcoal.

10. Seekh Kabab Murgh $2.50
Ground Chicken blended with rare selection of delicious herbs and spices. Barbecued on skewer and tenderly cooked on charcoal.

(Naan Breads)

11. Naan –A-Akbar $1.00
Unleavened bread baked in the clay oven at a special temperature. Served piping hot.

12. Onion Kulcha $2.00
Tandori Baked Bread stuffed with mildly spiced onions and a touch of butter.

13. Garlic Naan $2.50
Finley hand – kneaded unleavened dough stuffed with deliciously cooked garlic and baked to a delightful perfection in the tandoor. It is something different.

14. Aloo Paratha Delhvi $2.00
Whole wheat bread layered with butter and stuffed with spicy cooked and potatoes.


15. Shalimar Chawal $2.00
Shalimar’s own basmati rice. Cooked in a rich stock of savory spices and brown onions with aromatic touch of saffron.

16. Sindhi Chicken Biryani $7.00
Shalimars own basmati rice. Chicken cooked with exotic spices and a touch of cilantro, peppers and mint. A real aromatic dish.
Available on certain days.

( Curries)
“ Salan” curries-a wondrous admixture of exotic spices. Its flavor depends on how well the spices are balanced in a simmering broth of onion, ginger, garlic and ripe tomatoes. Our curries are as evocative as spring and as mild as May.

17. Murgh Korma Shahi $5.95
The king of curries. Made with succulent chicken, delicately flavored with saffron and gently simmered in a blend of yogurt and selected spices. You will love it!

18. Saag Chicken $5.95
A delectable combination of farm fresh spinach cooked in traditional Punjabi masala and brought to perfection in a blend of curried chicken.

19. Saag Gosht $5.95
The favorite dish of the punjabi farmer. A combination of tender morsels of lamb cooked with garden fresh spinach, crisp coriander and various aromatic herbs.

20. Chicken Kofta $ 5.95
Chicken meatballs. Made aromatic with touch of exotic spice Zeera ( Cumin seeds).

21. Bhuna Gosht $5.95
Relished by punjabi stalwart soldiers. Grass fed lamb, cooked with butter with a hint of garlic and ginger over a bed of onions. It is brought to simmer in Pakistani wild spices.
Something to remember us !

22. Beef Jalfrezi $5.95
Delicately cut slices of beef sautéed with tomatoes, bell peppers, onions and flavored with aromatic
Spices like whole cinnamon sticks and cloves.

23. Beef Burger Roll $3.95
Beef seekh kabab rolled in fresh naan with onions and mint sauce. Fast yet tasty.

24. Chicken Burger $3.95
Chicken seekh kabab rolled in fresh naan with onions and mint. Fast yet tasty.


25. Kabli chana $4.95
Chickpeas delicately cooked in butter and “garam masala”, and caressed with the softness of tamarind and coriander

26. Palak paneer $$5.95
Spinach and cheese cooked with our exotic spices.

27. Mili juli subzi $4.95
An interesting and tasty variety of fresh vegetables, red ripe tomatoes, spices and herbs. Stir-fried and left to simmer in their natural juice that brings out a rainbow of scrumptious flavors.

28. Palak aloo methi $4.95
The pride of Punjabi farmland. A wonderful combination of freshly picked spinach greens. Cooked with young potatoes and “Kasuri Methi”. It is seductively tantalizing !

29. Daal Masala $4.95
The love of every Pakistani and Indian. Considered a poor man’s food but found on every table. Made rich with variety of lentils stewed with cumin and coriander.

30 Bengun bhujia $4.95
Garden fresh eggplant cooked with slender bits of onions and tomatoes. Made rich with exotic oriental spices.

( Meetha )

31. Gulab Jaman taj mahal $2.00
Made from fresh pasteurized milk, cream and nuts. Flavoured with crushed cardamom seeds. 2 pieces.

32. Banarsi Kheer $2.00
Rice custard flavored with gentle sweet spices like cardamom and cloves. Blended with variety of nuts


Brain Masala
Aloo Keema
Black Eyed Beans
Chicken Tikka masala